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The OAA WhatsApp group: Governance

Guidance for members about participation in the OAA WhatsApp group.

The OAA WhatsApp messaging group is a place to share information and provide mutual support and advice for members who are obstetric anaesthesia services leads. 

To address the governance of the WhatsApp messaging group, the OAA have provided guidance for members about participation in the group. This  is based on NHS Digital recommendations on the use of social media messaging groups.

Purpose of the WhatsApp group 

To be a forum of general support and information exchange group for service leads for obstetric anaesthesia.

Responsibilities of the OAA

  • Co-ordinate the membership of the Group and review annually
  • Moderate the content of the group to ensure that posted information that is misleading, defamatory, or discourteous, or breaches patient confidentiality is challenged or removed
  • Ensure the group posts are not misused nor regarded as an instant repository of information approved by the OAA

Responsibilities of a group member

    • Should be a current obstetric anaesthesia service lead or an approved OAA moderator
    • Must ensure that posted information is not misleading, defamatory, or discourteous, or breaches patient confidentiality; otherwise, it will be challenged or removed
    • Must accept that all posts and comments within the group will remain confidential and should not be shared or disseminated out with the group
    • To be empowered to mute the group at any time
    • To ensure interaction with members within the group mimics socially acceptable face to face behaviour, norms and courtesies, and always be respectful to other group members
    • Seek to collaborate and share best practice
    • Should not have prolonged one-on-one conversations within the group but should switch instead to private messages
    • If you are not sure whether to post a message, three questions should be asked before you post:

1. Is this relevant?
2. Is this necessary?
3. Is this a good time to post?

  • Do not compromise patient confidentiality by posting information about specific patients particularly if the information could lead to patient identification
    The OAA will have the right to exclude a member from the group at any time without notice if a member breaches the responsibilities and conditions of being a member of the group, or whose behaviour or interactions within the group causes harm or offense to other members or who has been judged to have brought the OAA into disrepute by their activity within the group. 
    OAA Executive Committee
    July 2021
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