CPR in Pregnancy

Selected Guideline Examples Date
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
September 2020
Mid Yorkshire Hospital
December 2019
North Bristol NHS Trust
October 2019
University Hospital Coventry
July 2020
What we liked
  • Causes of maternal collapse
  • Early identification of high risk women including use of MEOWS charts to enable this
  • Highlighting that maternal resuscitation takes priority over fetal wellbeing
  • Clear instructions e.g what to say when dial 2222; composition of cardiac arrest team
  • Infographics and algorithms
  • List of best practice points (North Bristol)
  • Inclusion of Resuscitation Council guidance
  • Clear handover, debriefing of staff and completion of incident form
What we didn't like
  • Although comprehensive, some guidelines quite wordy and written more in the style of a textbook
  • 30° tilt during CPR has been superseded with supine positioning to improve ease of CPR, with manual displacement of the uterus
Other comments
  • One guideline (Manchester) has been updated to include precautions to be taken to ensure staff safety during COVID pandemic

Information for expectant
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