Ockenden Report

The recently published Ockenden Report highlighted current findings from the maternity services review at The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust. The Report contains several specific recommendations for obstetric anaesthesia and the multidisciplinary team to improve care.
The OAA is actively involved with national discussions around interpretation and implementation of the recommendations. Expansion of obstetric anaesthesia services may be required to support the implementation of the recommendations. It is recognised that variation in the size and case-mix of maternity units throughout the UK will require individual maternity units to consider their specific circumstances in how the Ockenden Report recommendations are implemented. We are undertaking an online survey of current obstetric anaesthesia provision, and staffing in UK maternity units and all lead obstetric anaesthetists known to the OAA have been invited to participate. The results will be analysed and used to inform what resources will be required by obstetric anaesthesia to meet the Report recommendations and provide guidance on how the recommendations can be implemented.

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