Dr Robert D'Angelo


Hospital: Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Obstetric Anesthesia at Forsyth Medical Center
3333 Silas Creek Parkway
City: Winston Salem, NC
Country: USA

Supervisor: Dr. Robert D’Angelo, Professor and Section Head
Telephone: 336-718-8278
Fax: 336-718-9271
Email: rdangelo@wfubmc.edu

Enquiries to: Dr. Laura Dean, Assistant Professor
Telephone: 336-718-8278
Email: ldean@wfubmc.edu

Duration/Start: Six or twelve month fellowship with July or August start date 


The Department of Anesthesiology offers 6-month and 1-year fellowship experiences in obstetric and gynecologic anesthesia. All deliveries in Forsyth County take place in the Women’s Center at Forsyth Medical Center and the obstetric anesthesia services are provided by the Department of Anesthesiology of Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Approximately 6,500 -7,000 women deliver in Forsyth Medical Center, and we provide labor analgesia for 80% of these deliveries.

We are a tertiary care obstetric service and high risk, complicated, parturients comprise 30-40% of our case load. Our cesarean section rate is approximately 25%.

Didactic and Teaching:

We strive to provide an academic fellowship experience allowing the fellow to gain both clinical expertise and exposure to research and teaching. The obstetric anesthesiology faculty are interested in teaching and have been awarded the "Golden Apple Award" for best teaching in the Department of Anesthesiology. Eleven obstetric anesthesiologists provide instruction, supervision, and consultation. Daily didactic obstetric anesthesiology lectures are offered to junior residents. Faculty and Fellows in obstetric anesthesiology give this daily lecture. Faculty critique and proctor lectures given by fellows. All fellows are expected to teach and supervise junior residents, as this is an integral part of an academic fellowship.


We have a very active clinical research program in obstetric anesthesiology. Ongoing areas of research interest include investigation of new spinal analgesics for labor and techniques for providing postoperative analgesia. Fellows are expected to participate in clinical research. Obstetric anesthesiology faculty have research funding from the NIH and the International Anesthesia Research Society and have authored many original manuscripts, monographs, chapters in textbooks, and edited a recent textbook "Practical Obstetric Anesthesia." Fellows are tutored in every aspect of clinical research including conception of research protocols, writing the proposals and consents, collecting the data, recording the data on a computer, analyzing the data, writing abstracts for presentation, preparing presentation slides, preparing presentation lectures, and writing manuscripts. Most fellows complete at least one original clinical protocol during their fellowship. Past clinical research in the obstetric and gynecologic anesthesiology section by obstetric fellows has been awarded the Gertie Marx Award for best clinical paper at the annual meeting of the Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology.


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