Dr Richard Smiley


Hospital: NewYork Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center
630 West 168th Street PH-5
City: New York, NY
Country: United States
Postcode: 10606

Supervisor: Richard Smiley, MD,
PhD Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology (in OB/GYN)
Columbia University Department of Anesthesiology
Chief of Obstetric Anesthesia, Columbia University Medical Center
630 West 168th Street PH-5
New York, NY 10032 USA

Telephone: 1-212-305-5006
Divisional Phone: 1-212-342-2028
Fax: 1-212-242-2742
Email: rms7@columbia.edu

Enquiries to: Richard Smiley, MD, PhD
Telephone: as above
Email: as above

Duration/Start: 1-2 years (12-24 months), usual start July 1, but flexible


Completed American residency. International applicants will be considered, but will need to complete the full USMLE examination process. We have had Fellows from Switzerland and the United Kingdom over the past decade.


The Division of Obstetric Anesthesia at Columbia has been training Fellows since the days of Virginia Apgar. Our goal is to train the future leaders of the subspecialty of Obstetric anesthesia and Anesthesiology. One and two-year Fellowships are available which include advanced clinical training and clinical or laboratory research experience, and the opportunity to initiate and/or participate in the research endeavors of our Division, Department and Medical Center. More extensive and/or intensive basic science/laboratory training can be combined with the clinical Fellowship on an individually-designed basis, especially with the two-year option. In addition, there is the possibility of combining the clinical Fellowship with coursework in epidemiology, biostatistics and/or clinical study design at the Columbia University School of Public Health.

Recent and current research in the Division and in the Department relevant to obstetric anesthesia include a variety of studies of drug combinations and techniques for labor analgesia and post-partum pain relief, a program of research into the role of genetic polymorphisms of specific proteins on pregnancy complications and response to anesthesia, and studies of gender differences in pain sensitivity and the effectiveness of different treatments.

Over the past 6 years, abstracts from the Division have won the “Best Paper of the Meeting” award at the annual meetingof the Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology (SOAP) 4 times, and Best Paper at the International Society for Anesthetic Pharmacology once.

All Columbia Anesthesiology Fellows benefit from a specialized seminar series offered by the Irving Center for Clinical Research that provides education in research project design, statistical analysis, and critical reading of the research and clinical literature.


Most Fellows spend approximately half their time in clinical work, and the other half in academic pursuits (teaching, research, some administrative experience). Fellows are assigned 2-3 night calls per month, exclusively in the Labor and Delivery Suite (no OR call).


Our Division is responsible for anesthesia/analgesia care at two L&D suites, the main 168th campus site, with approximately 4500, mostly high-risk deliveries, and the lower-risk Allen Pavilion site at 218th St and Broadway, with 2400 deliveries. Fellows will spend almost all of their time at the main campus site.


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