Dr Giorgio Capogna


Hospital: Città di Roma Hospital
Road: Via Maidalchini, 20
City: Roma, Italy
Postcode: 00152

Supervisor: Dr Giorgio Capogna
Telephone: 0039.06.5847204
E-mail: dipartimento.anestesia@gruppogarofalo.com
Web-site: www.cittadiroma-anestesia.it

Enquires: Dr Giorgio Capogna
Telephone: contact as above

Duration: to be agreed

Grade: NA


Città di Roma Hospital (CdRH) is a general hospital which includes a medium-size maternity unit. The hospital is affiliated with the University of Rome, La Sapienza. Almost all parturients attend the hospital antenatal childbirth preparation classes which typically include a lecture on labour analgesia given by an anaesthesiologist. A brochure about labour analgesia is also routinely distributed antenatally to all parturients who wish to deliver at CdRH.

Additional information is available on our web site.

Almost all parturients undergo to an antenatal anaesthetic consultation from the 35thweek of gestation. During this antenatal visit the anaesthesiologist performs a full physical examination, checks the routine blood analysis, including coagulation screening, and obtains a written informed consent about the anaesthetic procedures. Labour epidural analgesia rate is 94%. Epidural analgesia is provided upon maternal request, independently on cervical dilatation and continued thought the entire length of labour by automated Programmed Intermittent Epidural Bolus (PIEB) technique. Additional boluses are given when and if needed by the anaesthesiologist. Incidence of instrumental delivery is 11%. Incidence of caesarean delivery is 35%, mostly of which are repeated or elective caesarean sections. Caesarean sections are performed under CSE anaesthesia followed by continuous epidural post-operative analgesia. Our obstetric anaesthesia department is enlisted in the ESA (European Society of Anaesthesiology) Fellowship Programme.


Foreign visitors are most welcome, however their full clinical involvement with the patients will also depend on Italian language skills. For hands-on clinical practice Italian government and insurance requirements must be met. In all cases the visitor will experience the departmental life including antenatal and preoperative consultations, labour epidural analgesia, caesarean section anaesthesia, difficult cases discussion and attendance to the weekly departmental meetings.


The CdRH research team is a well established and internationally recognized research group. The current main fields of interest include local anaesthetic use and their diffusion into the


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