Dr Emily Sharpe


Hospital: Mayo clinic
City: Rochester, MN
Country : USA

Supervisor: Dr Emily Sharpe

Enquiries: Malinda (Mindy) Woodward
Email: MAYOOBSANESFP@mayo.edu

Telephone: 507-266-2077

Duration: Twelve months

Grade: Post fellowship SpR, or equivalent, desirable


During the Obstetric Anesthesiology Fellowship, fellows run the High-Risk Obstetric Anesthesia Clinic and care for patients with high-risk pregnancies in the Mayo Clinic Family Birth Center. Fellows also move throughout the operating rooms of Mayo Clinic Hospital, participating in the anesthetic care of women undergoing nonobstetric surgery during pregnancy.


While working with a dedicated group of Obstetric Anesthesiology Fellowship trained consultants, fellows work to coordinate the complex care of sick patients through their deliveries, as well as caring for them during any non obstetric surgeries in pregnancy. Mayo Clinic also has an active and busy fetal surgery program through which fellows actively participate in the coordination of this fetal care. Multidisciplinary collaboration is a hallmark of Mayo Clinic care. Coordination of care for patients with high-risk pregnancies is accomplished through the

High-Risk Obstetric Anesthesia Clinic. Here fellows care for pregnant patients prior to hospitalization to coordinate their deliveries or non obstetric surgery anesthetic plans. In addition to individual multidisciplinary care conferences, fellows also participate in monthly meetings called Maternal Boards. At the bimonthly Fetal Care Center Multidisciplinary Conference, coordination occurs with maternal fetal medicine, obstetrics, nursing and neonatology, as well as adult and pediatric subspecialists who are experts in the disease process affecting the patient or her baby. The Mayo Clinic Obstetric Anesthesiology Fellowship offers boundless opportunities in both clinical and basic research. This is facilitated through high energy, highly engaged, fellowship trained obstetric anesthesiology faculty. The basic science research opportunities at Mayo Clinic are also world renowned and available to you as a fellow. Dedicated research time is provided.


Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus in Rochester, MN: 2500 deliveries per year. Regional center for mothers with cardiac abnormalities and other high-risk comorbidities.



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