Dr Karen Light


Hospital: St George’s Hospital
Blackshaw Road
SW17 0QT

Supervisor: Dr Karen Light
0208 725 0051

Enquiries: Dr Karen Light, Ivy Hagan, Adminstrator, St George’s School of Anaesthesia
Telephone: 0208 725 0018
Application form:
via email to contacts above

Duration: 6 months (Feb/Aug)

Grade: Post fellowship SpR 3 / 4 / 5 or ST 5 / 6 / 7 Full or Part time slot share


This post is designed for anaesthetists with an interest in developing obstetrics as an ongoing career aim and provides opportunity to work at a senior level in a busy high-risk obstetric unit including signing off Advance Obstetric Training Modules.

Risk management:

Regular attendances at obstetric risk management and SUI meetings.

Training & Teaching:

There is the opportunity for extensive training and learning and also for working as faculty. Experience in multi-disciplinary education is possible through St Georges GAPS simulation centre, ward based simulation skills & drills and involvement in our midwifery mandatory training programme. We have developed a comprehensive obstetric tutorial system covering 10 topics which you will partake in.

High-risk patient management:

There are weekly high-risk clinic run by Cardiac Anaesthetists, as well as multi-disciplinary Maternal Medicine clinics and excellent daily teaching obstetric ward rounds.


St George’s is a well-established audit unit, with the expectation you will produce a major audit or research project during your placement. Previous fellows have successfully submitted work for presentation at major meetings including OAA oral and poster prize winners.


The fellows and registrars work under consultant supervision. There is a consultant allocated for delivery suite and a second for elective caesareans every weekday. On call supervision is also by consultant obstetric anaesthetists. Registrars and fellows work on a 1 in 8 on call rota covering labour ward, there are two other senior anaesthetic registrars on site covering the hospital. Fellows are required to cover 2-3 day general duties over the 6 months


St George’s is a large London teaching hospital and a modern tertiary referral centre with >5000 deliveries/year. The Obstetric Unit comprises both low-risk midwifery and consultant led units, an Obstetric HDU and well regarded Fetal Medicine Unit. We receive South West Thames referrals for high-risk pregnancies, including developing expertise in cardiac surgery in pregnancy. The hospital also specialises in morbidly adherent placenta management and EXIT procedures for neonatal airway difficulties.

There are 14 Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetists, with subspecialty expertise in Cardiac Anaesthesia, Education/Simulation, Ethics/Law and Head & Neck Anaesthesia.


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