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Session highlights include: 

The Geraldine O’Sullivan Lecture Prof Jannicke Mellin-Olsen

Hot topics 

  • What’s new in obstetric anaesthesia, Dr Grace Lim

State of the art labour analgesia 
  • Initiation of labour epidural analgesia, Dr Anton Chau
  • Delivery of labour epidural analgesia, Prof Marc Van de Velde
  • Remifentonal in obstetris TBC
Anaesthesia for caesarean section 
  • Preventing spinal hypotension – fluids, vasopressors or both, Dr Arvind Palanisamy
  • Post caesarean section analgesia – is there a gold standard? Dr Pervez Sultan
  • Quality of recovery in obstetrics, Dr James O’Carroll
State of the art caesarean section 2 
  • Airway registries in obstetric anaesthesia, Dr Maretha Smit and Dr Ross Hoffmeyer
  • Optimising practice in Category 1 caesarean section, Dr Sarah Armstrong
  • Does HFNO have a role in obstetrics? Dr Arani Pillai


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