Dr Fiona Pearson: OAA Trainee Rep

Dr Fiona Pearson was elected in May 2019 as the Trainee Representative on the OAA Executive Committee.

"Welcome to the trainee section of the OAA website. I’m Fiona Pearson, a ST7 working less than full time in the Northern School of Anaesthesia and ICM. In addition to representing trainee members of the OAA at executive committee meetings, my role involves helping to organise OAA competitions and events throughout the year.

I am keen to ensure that trainees have access to the information and advice they need to enjoy obstetric anaesthesia. I have updated the Trainee Hub with information about the curriculum, exam resources and audit recipes. Please follow the OAA Trainee Rep. twitter profile (@OAATrainee) to keep up to date with the latest training issues and developments in obstetric anaesthesia.

Feel free to contact me if you have any queries, suggestions for the website or anything you would like me to discuss at the next committee meeting."

Training Information

RCOA curriculum & training updates

Exam Resources

Resources for obstetric anaesthesia questions in the FRCA exams


Details of OAA trainee competitions & recent winners


Details of departments offering fellowship & research opportunities

Interested in research?

Advice about getting started in research and applying for an OAA grant

Environmental Sustainability

Resources aimed at reducing the environmental impact of our obstetric anaesthesia

Role of the Trainee Representative

To offer a trainee's perspective on the many issues covered at the Committee meetings and to bring to the attention of the Committee any issues that trainees would like to see addressed. These meetings currently occur three times a year. The trainee rep is also invited to attend relevant subcommittee meetings. It is a two year tenure (though reduced to one year if you become a consultant whilst in post) and you should have an active interest in obstetric anaesthesia.

How to become the next trainee rep

Firstly, you must be a member of the OAA, then you must find a proposer and a seconder who are also members of the OAA. Then you need to produce an election statement and photo. Voting occurs on-line and the result will be announced at the AGM.


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