New Anaesthetic UKOSS Study

New anaesthetic UKOSS study launched: High Neuraxial Block in Pregnancy

This OAA funded UKOSS study aims to identify the risk factors for the development of high neuraxial block associated with obstetric anaesthesia in the UK. It follows the recent UKOSS Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy study which identified anaesthesia, including high neuraxial block, as the leading cause of maternal cardiac arrest in the UK.

For this UKOSS study the case definition of high neuraxial block is:

Any pregnant or postpartum woman who develops a high block in association with spinal and or epidural anaesthesia /analgesia that requires ventilatory support* and /or cardiopulmonary resuscitation**.

*Ventilatory support includes the additional use of ‘bag/mask’ ventilation, or ventilation assisted by the use of a supraglottic airway device or endotracheal tube.

**Cardiopulmonary resuscitation includes the use of basic and advanced life support.

If you have a case that fulfils this definition please inform your local UKOSS coordinator and a data collection form will be sent to you. More details available at


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