Medical Student Bursaries

Applications are invited from medical students studying in the UK to apply to the OAA for funding towards a medical student elective undertaken as part of a medical degree with the content and setting of the placement approved by the medical school. The maximum award will be £750.

The OAA will support a medical student elective placement which focuses on obstetric anaesthesia and which prepares students for a possible career in anaesthesia by developing an interest in the speciality. A project in obstetric anaesthesia should be proposed and carried out.

To complete your application you will need to supply:

  • Your personal details and Medical School
  • Details of visiting centre, dates of attendance and contact details of the supervising anaesthetist.
  • A description of experience to be gained and projects to be performed (500 words max)
  • Information about why you have chosen this speciality (200 words max)
  • The amount of funding applied for (maximum £750) broken down into travel and accommodation
  • Details of any other funding applications you have made

Applications should be emailed to Robin Russell Chair of the OAA Research and Grants Sub-Committee. If successful, you are expected to provide a written report of your elective on your return.

The next deadline for OAA Medical Student Bursary applications is 30th September 2021.


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