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June 2021
Relevant recent publications
Managing Sepsis in Pregnancy. Obs, Gynae & Repro Medicine (2021)

Sepsis in Pregnancy and the Puerperium - IJOA (2018)

Reducing post-caesarean delivery surgical site infections: a narrative review – IJOA (2020)

Sepsis in Obstetrics. BJA Education (2015)

OAA webcast (in last 4 years) Maternal critical care: A rare cause of sepsis
Dr Michelle Walters

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Sepsis in obstetrics Nov 19 3DC
Professor Steve Lapinsky

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Early warning scores in obstetrics Nov 19 3DC
Dr Richard Isaacs

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Sepsis in obstetrics Nov 18 3DC
Professor Sharon Einav

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    OAA posters (in last 4 years) 2018 - Sepsis versus haemorrhage in obstetric HDU

    2017 - Evaluation of two clinical scoring tools to predict sepsis in labour

    2017 - Developing a new obstetric sepsis data recording tool

    2016 - Making the Sepsis Six count on a high risk maternity unit

    2016 - Review of maternal sepsis care admissions
      MBRRACE-UKOSS MBRRACE 2019 Report - Chapter 8 - Messages for Critical Care
      Saving Lives, Improving Mothers' Care

      Sepsis Slides
      Saving lives-Prevention and treatment of infection

      National guidelines NICE - Intrapartum Care for Women With Sepsis
      Intrapartum care for women with obstetric complications

      RCOG - Bacterial Sepsis in Pregnancy

      Audit / QI suggestions / ACSA standards
      NICE has specific guidance on quality measures for women with sepsis in labour
      Recognising and treating sepsis

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