Learning Zone: Diabetes in pregnancy. Dr Saritha Thirunagari / Dr Emily Blurton

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Diabetes in pregnancy
June 2021
Relevant recent publications
The peripartum management of diabetes. BJA Education Nov 2019. Yap Y., Modi A., Lucas N.
OAA webcast (in last 4 years) Hypogylcaemia post delivery
Dr Anthony Ratnasingham, Dr Kate Cheesman

Cases and clinical challenges, March 4th 2020
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Diabetic ketoacidosis in Pregnancy
Dr Neil Black

ASM May 25th 2018
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Diabetes in pregnancy - current issues for anaesthetists
Dr Aditi Modi

Obstetric anaesthesia update October 2017
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    MBRRACE-UK PREGNANCY IN WOMEN WITH TYPE 1 AND TYPE 2 DIABETES 2002–2003 England, Wales and Northern Ireland

    UKOSS Diabetic ketoacidosis in pregnancy

    National guidelines RCOG
    Diagnosis and Treatment of Gestational Diabetes
    Scientific Impact Paper number 23 (Jan 2011)

    NICE (NG3)
    Diabetes in Pregnancy: Management from preconception to postnatal period
    Guidance and pathway
    Diabetes in pregnancy overview (NICE pathway)

    Audit / Qu suggestions
    ACSA standard Local policy for pre-operative preparation including diabetic management
      FRCA questions Final FRCA Written Obstetric Past Questions
      No specific questions for diabetes

      Simulation suggestion
      Management of diabetic ketoacidosis in antenatal patient

      Information for expectant
      parents and midwives’

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