Joining The Committee 

Information for members considering applying for a place on the OAA Executive Committee.

Applying to Join the OAA Committee 

The Executive Committee guides the OAA and it is essential that it is filled by elected members who bring ideas, opinions and enthusiasm. A variable number of places on the committee become available each year, usually between one and three.
Committee members are normally held in London either at the AAGBI three times per year: March, June/July and October. 

A Notice of Election calling for nominations is circulated to members by email not less than 70 days before the AGM.

To stand for election you need to send to the Honorary Secretary (with a copy to the OAA Secretariat) the following:

  • A short statement about who you are, why you want to join the OAA committee and what you will bring to the job.
  • A short CV
  • A photo of yourself

You have to be proposed and seconded by two ordinary members of the OAA.

Voting by the OAA membership takes place on-line and the results are announced at the AGM on the Friday of the annual meeting.

Once Elected to the OAA Committee

Newly elected committee members of the OAA are announced at the Annual Scientific meeting AGM in the Spring and you will receive a confirmatory e-mail the following week inviting you to the next committee meeting in June (the date will be made available by the Honorary Secretary or the Secretariat). Unfortunately this means you may receive short notice for your leave and so you may wish to warn your department of this before election.

Your elected position will have a duration of three years and it is expected that you will become involved in the established activities of the committee and subcommittees as well as taking forward your own ideas.

Your username and password will give you access to the committee area of the website where you will find the AGM and committee minutes, expenses form and entitlements, e-lectures and lots of other useful information.

At the first meeting you will be asked to sign a form 288a for Companies House stating your professional involvement in a registered charity.

E-mails are the method of communication particularly around an imminent committee meeting. You will need to be good at group e-mails and have a reliable address ready at the outset, i.e work e-mail may be suitable if you can forward these or access from remote sites. A home e-mail may be a better option. There will be no patient or sensitive data.


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Joining the Committee