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Hyponatraemia in Labour
October 2021
Relevant recent publications
Case story understanding the risk of maternal and neonatal hyponatraemia. NHS resolution 2019.

Severe asymptomatic maternal antepartum hyponatraemia leading to neonatal seizures: prevention is better than cure. E. Valerio, M. Fantinato, I. Gioavannini, E. Baraldi and L. Chiandetti. Maternal Health, Neonataology and Perinatology 2015; 1:25

Hyponatraemia complicating labour – rare or unrecognised? A prospective observational study. V. Moen, L. Brudin, M. Rundgren, L. Irestedt. BJOG 2009; 116:4

Hyponatraemia complicating vaginal delivery. A. Green, P. Popham. IJOA 2008; 17:1
OAA webcast (in last 4 years) Hyponatraemia
3 day course 2019, Wednesday 6th
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The incidence of umbilical cord hyponatraemia
OA19 Gateshead, Day 2 – Friday 24th
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OAA posters (in last 4 years) 2021 (Virtual)
P. 67 A review of fluid balance documentation in high-risk obstetric women on our maternal high dependency unit

P.100 The association between umbilical cord, maternal and neonatal sodium concentration: using cord gas point of care analysis to expedite a diagnosis of peripartum hyponatraemia

P.101 Fluid management in labour ward: aiming to improve practice

2020 (Birmingham)

P.8 Peripartum hyponatraemia: improving awareness and accurate fluid balance monitoring through multidisciplinary education programme

P.65 Peripartum hyponatraemia: A Deanery-wide Survey

P.66 An evaluation of the introduction of local guidelines and education on the incidence of moderate and severe peripartum hyponatraemia

P. 69 Peripartum hyponatraemia: A regional survey of midwives

P.107 Hyponatraemia awareness: how well do we monitor fluid balance in labouring women?

P.188 Like mother like son, a case of obstetric and neonatal hyponatraemia

P.199 Unexpected severe hyponatraemia following assisted vaginal delivery

2019 (Newcastle)
P. 28 Reducing the risk of peripartum hyponatraemia: An evaluation of fluid administration on labour suite

P. 93 Insatiable thirst: is obstetric hyponatraemia under recognised?

P. 123 Severe hyponatraemia in patient with pre-eclampsia and water intoxication

2018 (Belfast)
P. 160 Evaluating peripartum fluid management in parurients with epidural and spinal
MBRRACE-UK Ongoing UK Obstetric Surveillance Study

The Early Notification scheme progress report. NHS Resolution 2019.
Theme 3: Maternal deterioration in labour and hyponatraemia p.50
National guidelines Guideline for the Prevention, Diagnosis and Management of Hyponatraemia in Labour and the Immediate Postpartum Period
Guideline and audit implementation network 2017, RQIA
Example clinical guidelines Hyponatraemia – prevention, diagnosis and management in labour and the immediate postpartum period. Royal Berkshire NHS foundation trust 2020
Audit / Qu suggestions
Timely anaesthetic involvement in the care of high-risk and critically ill women (not hyponatraemia specific)

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