Felicity Reynolds Prize and Top Poster Prize 2020

Following cancellation of the 2020 OAA Annual Scientific Meeting, the OAA held a Research Webinar earlier this month to enable presentation of some of the oral abstracts in the Felicity Reynolds Prize and some of the ‘Top Posters’.

Colleagues due to present at the Annual Scientific Meeting were given the choice of presenting at the Research Webinar or at the 2021 Annual Scientific Meeting in Edinburgh. The Research Webinar on October 14th therefore only included half the abstracts with the remaining half being presented in 2021.

We have duly decided to award two Felicity Reynolds Prizes and two Top Poster prizes for 2020 (with the second round being awarded at the 2021 meeting.)

We offer our congratulations to Dr Tom Roberts who was awarded the Felicity Reynolds Prize 2020 for his work ‘Sensitivity and specificity of ROTEM Sigma and TEG6s to detect low fibrinogen during PPH’ and Dr Lindsey Iles who was awarded the Top Poster prize for her project ‘Peripartum hyponatraemia: improving awareness and accurate fluid balance monitoring through a multidisciplinary education programme.’

We thank all the presenters at the Research Webinar for the high standard of the work.

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