Dr Kate Stoddard

University Hospital Southampton
Trainee Representative

I’m Kate Stoddard, currently an ST7 in Wessex, with an interest in high-risk obstetrics, and neuro and global anaesthesia. I am really looking forward to starting work as the OAA Trainee Representative, alongside Nico Zin, representing trainee members of the OAA at executive committee meetings.

We will continue to update the Trainee Hub with information about the new curriculum, as well as updating the educational and exam resources. Please follow the OAA Trainee Rep. twitter profile (@OAATrainee) to hear about upcoming events and competitions, as well as any key developments in obstetric anaesthesia.

I absolutely want to represent trainees’ views, so please contact me if you have anything you would like me to discuss at the next committee meeting or any queries. I’m also particularly keen to hear from trainees who have undertaken fellowships in obstetric anaesthesia and could offer advice to those wishing to do similar.

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