Learning Zone: Asthma in Pregnancy Dr Noha Tageldin

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Asthma in Pregnancy
April 2021
Relevant recent publications
Asthma Outcomes and Management During Pregnancy. Chest 2018

Recent developments in asthma in pregnancy. Curr Opin Pulm Med 2019

Management of Asthma during pregnancy: Optimizing outcomes and minimizing risks. Review article. Semin Respir Crit Care Med 2018

    OAA webcasts (in last 4 years) 3 Day Course 2019, Church House, Tuesday 5th November:
    Respiratory disease in pregnancy
    Prof. Steve Lapinsky.
    (password: contact the Secretariat)

       OAA posters (in last 4 years) Obstetric Anaesthesia 2019, Newcastle

      Life-threatening bronchospasm mimicking oesophageal intubation during caesarean delivery

      MBRRACE-UK Saving Lives, Improving Mothers’ Care Lessons learned to inform maternity care from the UK and Ireland Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths and Morbidity 2016-18. Respiratory section overview of care and lessons to be learnt (page 40)

       National Guidelines
      Intrapartum care for women with existing medical conditions or obstetric complications and their babies, NICE guideline[NG121] March 2019

      Greater Manchester and Eastern Cheshire SCN guidelines.
      GMEC Asthma Care in Pregnancy guideline - NHS England

      BTS/SIGN asthma in pregnancy guidelines.

         Clinical Guidelines
        Acute care toolkit 15 ACT pregnancy. Managing acute medical problems in pregnancy (management of chest pain, palpitations, breathlessness)
        Royal College of Physicians Nov 19
        Audit / Qu suggestions
        RCoA Quality Improvement Compendium 4th Edition, September 2020
        7.9 Timely anaesthetic involvement in the care of high-risk and critically ill women.

          FRCA questions Drugs that should be avoided in asthma in patients with PPH: Final FRCA Written Exam March 2010 Question https://www.oaa-anaes.ac.uk/Exams_Resources

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