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Subcommittees and Other Working Groups

Terms of Reference for Subcommittees (SC) may be found in the Documents section of the Members' Area.

Working Groups (WG) are disbanded once the current task has been completed.

Email links for Subcommittee members are also available on a duplicate of this list in the Members' Area.

For maternity critical care matters please contact Dr Rupert Gauntlett via the Secretariat.

Research Scholarships & Grants (SC)  
Gary Stocks (Chair) Robin Russell
Thierry Girard
Matt Wilson
Nuala Lucas (Hon. Sec)
James Bamber
Felicity Plaat (OAA President, NIAA liaison)
Marc Van de Velde
Surveys (SC)  
Sarah Armstrong (Chair) Gary Stocks (OAA Treasurer)
Emma Evans
Trisha Hawkins
Quality and Outcomes (WG)  
Jim Bamber (Chair)  
Education (SC)  
Nuala Lucas (Chair) Felicity Plaat (OAA President, International Liaison)
Chris Elton
Robin Russell (IJOA)
Roshan Fernando (Immediate Past President)
Gary Stocks (OAA Treasurer)
Thierry Girard

Information for Mothers (SC)  
Kerry Litchfield (Chair) Gail Johnson (RCM)
Emma Evans (Secretary) Queenie Lo
Elaine Cheung (RCOG)
Susanna Stanford (Lay Member)
Sarah Coxall (Website Representative)
Hilary Swales
Trisha Hawkins

Investment and Finance (SC)  
Gary Stocks (Treasurer/Chair) Nuala Lucas (Hon. Sec)
Roshan Fernando (Immediate Past President)
Felicity Plaat (OAA President)
Gary Stocks
Roshan Fernando (Immediate Past President)

David Bogod (Past President)

Guidelines (SC)  
Sarah Armstrong (Chair) Thierry Girard
Rupert Gauntlett
Nuala Lucas (Hon. Sec)
Kathryn Lloyd-Thomas
ePencilpoint (Newsletter)  
Kerry Litchfield Malcolm Broom

Others should click on 'Contact Us' and the email will be referred by the Secretariat to the Subcommittee member.

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