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OAA Trainee Competitions

Submissions for the Trainee Essay and Trainee Cases Competitions for 2017-18 will open end of October.   Details to be announced soon.


2017 Trainees' Case Presentation Prize

 Winner of the Trainee Cases Competition 2017 was Dr Jade Harrison, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff with "Life Threatening Starvation Ketoacidosis in Pregnancy"

Also presenting at the cases competition were:

Dr Rhys Clyburn (ST4) Glangwilli Hospital, West Wales - A case of spontaneous splenic artery aneurysm rupture in pregnancy.

Dr Sahra Lantz-Dretnik (ST6) - "Spinning" in pregnancy – not always an adequate predictor of cardiovascular health

Dr Queenie Lo (ST6) UCL, London - Degenerating fibroids in pregnancy: when to intervene?


2016 Presentations:

Overall Winner: Dr Rebeca Harris, Liverpool Women's Hospital. Casepresentation: Computer says No O- O negative incompatibility in anemergency

Presentations also from:

Dr Rhidian Jones, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. Casepresentation: Where's the baby? Anaesthetic management of an advancedadbdominal pregnancy

Dr Joanna Simpson, Queen's Hospital, Romford. Case presentation: Walkingthe tight-rope to prevent thromboembolism yet facilitate regionalanaesthesia.

Dr Elinor Wighton,Anaesthetics Leicester Royal Infirmary. Casepresentation: Noradrenaline use for spinal induced hypotension in apatient with severe pulmonary regurgitation undergoing cesarean section.


OAA Trainees' Essay Competition

OAA Trainee Essay Competition 2016/2017

The question for this years OAA Trainee Essay Competition is below:

'Should obstetric anaesthetists become peri-obstetric physicians?'

Trainee Essay Competition Instructions

Trainee Essay Competition Submission Form

Deadline Submission Date: Extended until Midnight on Sunday 12th March 2017


2015/16 Winners

Dr Matthew Roe, ST5 East of England Deanery

1st Prize, Senior Essay Competition (ST5-7) 

Dr Nancy Wang, CT2 East of England Deanery
1st Prize, Junior Essay Competition (CT1-ST4)

2014/2015 Winners

Many congratulations to all the winners of the OAA Trainee Essay Competition! Click on the names to view their winning essays.

Joanne Mullender, ST5 Severn Deanery
1st Prize
Sara Scott, CT2 Northern Deanery
2nd Prize

Alison White, ST6 Northern Ireland
3rd Prize

2013/2014 Winners

Dr Lorna Sissons, ST4 Northern Deanery
1st Prize (CT1-ST3 Category)

Dr Fiona Pearson, ST3 Northwest Deanery

1st Prize (ST4-ST7 Category)


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