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Trainee Representative


Kathryn Lloyd-Thomas was elected in May 2015 as the Trainee Representative on the OAA Committee. Contact her with any queries or suggestions.

Hello and welcome to the trainee section of the OAA website. I am Dr Kathryn Lloyd-Thomas and was voted into post in May 2015. I represent you, the trainee obstetric anaesthetist at committee meetings throughout the year and organise various trainee competitions and events.

Competitions that have been recently run include the Trainee Cases Competition, as well as the 2016/17 Trainee Essay Competition.

Any questions please get in touch at: Kathryn_thomas24@hotmail.com


Role of the Trainee Representative

To offer a trainee's perspective on the many issues covered at the Committee meetings and to bring to the attention of the Committee any issues that trainees would like to see addressed. These meetings currently occur three times a year.
The trainee rep is also invited to attend relevant subcommittee meetings.
It is a two year tenure (though reduced to one year if you become a consultant whilst in post) and you should have an active interest in obstetric anaesthesia.

How to become the next trainee rep

Firstly, you must be a member of the OAA, then you must find a proposer and a seconder who are also members of the OAA.
Then you need to produce an election statement and photo. Voting occurs on-line and the result will be announced at the AGM.

Trainee FAQs


View links for all fellowships in the obstetric anaesthesia


The Royal College of Anaesthetists 2010 curriculum was launched in August 2010. The College expects that basic training in obstetric anaesthesia should be delivered in a block of a minimum of twenty supervised clinical sessions. Trainees are expected to complete a formal assessment of competence in obstetric anaesthesia before commencing obstetric anaesthesia on call, as evidenced by completion of the IACOA Certificate. 

Obstetric Training 2010 Curriculum (RCoA)

Initial Assessment of Competence in Obstetric Anaesthesia Certificate (IACOAC)

Life Saving Skills & Drills Courses

The following link will take you to a compilation of multidisciplinary courses that might be of interest to trainees who want to further develop specialist skills or for those trainees wanting to further develop the obstetric anaesthetic subspecialty section of their CV.

Listed on RCOG website


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